I am an illustrator, based in Amsterdam. Call me George.



Sunshine, making kites, floating in the swimming pool, dirty feet, climbing trees and on the roof… these were the carefree seventies and eighties in the suburbs of Tshwane in South Africa. In the nineties and naughties I discovered what life was about in bustling, exciting, gritty London.
I came to Amsterdam in 2011 and now share my paradise in West with rescue dog Ella. I love this beautiful city. And yet again I’m excited about a new adventure. How endlessly unpredictable is the future. Even I don’t know what my next step will be.

I had a pretty creative youth. I enjoyed making things out of other things or clay. According to my mum, I started scribbling on everything I was one. After school I followed advice to go for safer career that art, but after becoming super unhappy in various careers, I realised I have to focus on what I love, the creative world. So since 2019 I have been doing exactly that. It is never too late.

Good quality, good stationery, dirty colours, sugar, sun, outdoors, bubbles, independence, variation, strong coffee and strong beers. Yes!

Oh yes… George is my middle name and I like it.

Feel free to link up or get in touch. Whether it’s for a collaboration, commission, compliment, complaint, coffee or a chat; I’m all ears.

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At the moment I am brushing up on my digital skills. There’s a possibility for another children’s book on the horizon.