I am an illustrator, based in Amsterdam. Call me George.



Sunshine, making kites, floating in the swimming pool, dirty feet, climbing trees and on the roof… these were the 70s and 80s in the suburbs of Tshwane in South Africa.

My young adult life I spent in bustling, exciting, gritty London. I came to Amsterdam in 2011 and now share my tiny paradise in West with a cuddly companion; rescue dog Ella. I love this beautiful city, but the ants in my pants are itching. How endlessly unpredictable is the future.

I’ve had the impulse to draw for as long as I remember. According to my mum, I scribbled on all walls and everything in-between since I was 1 year old. Throughout my life I kept the creative fire burning and now I’ve decided to focus completely on what I love. It is never too late.

Good quality, good stationery, black, sun, independance, strong beer and strong coffee. Yes!


Feel free to link up or get in touch. Whether it’s for a collaboration, commission, compliment, complaint, coffee or a chat; I’m all ears.

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At the moment I love working in Indian ink, markers or watercolour. I do a bit of lino- and screen-printing occasionally and dabbling with digital too. I want to do more children’s books and make giant artworks.

Currently I’m researching studies. More soon…