About me

Hi! I’m Inge :-). Or call me George. I am an illustrator, based in Amsterdam. My focus is on editorial illustrations, children’s books and art prints. I am open for commissions and collaborations. 



I grew up under the sunny skies of Tshwane, South Africa, spending the 70s and 80s swimming, climbing trees and drawing in my room. Most of my adult life I’ve lived in London, UK and came to the Netherlands in 2011. I share my home in Amsterdam with my hairy companion,  Ella. I love this beautiful city, but who knows where the next stop will be. I like the idea of the future being unplanned.

I’ve had the impulse to draw for as long as I remember. According to my mum, I scribbled on the walls from hallway to bathroom when I was 1 year old. Throughout my life I kept the creative fire burning and now I’ve come full circle to do professionally what I love: Illustrating.

At the moment I’m mostly working in Indian ink and combining it with pencil, markers or watercolour. I do a bit of lino- and screen-printing occasionally. I’m also handy with digital creation, but prefer traditional media and touch up digitally. I love good quality and I want to deliver only the best quality to you. It makes me happy to make you smile.


Feel free to link up or get in touch. Whether it’s to collaborate, commission, compliment, complain, for a chat or coffee; I look forward to hearing from you!

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Currently I’m working on a couple of commissions for wall art, and started work on characterisation for a second children’s book.